Walking on eggshells instead of antifascism: Carinthian church and authorities still make extreme right-wing meeting possible

Platform with various background info articles educates about the upcoming meeting in Bleiburg/Pliberk on May 12th and the misinformation spread by organizer, administration and church.

Wien (OTS) – The Ustaša-meeting in Bleiburg/Pliberk is only a few days away and the efforts of local authorities and the Catholic Church to emphasize their own inability and idleness with regards to the annual fascist carnival, are steadily increasing. In interviews and press releases they never fail to indicate the impossibility of an administrative intervention as well as using dummy arguments to trivialize one of the biggest extreme right-wing meetings in all of Europe while the organizer-association is still being courted. Massive amounts of incidents of “Wiederbetätigung” (engaging in and glorifying national-socialist actions and ideology) in the past few years and the positive referencing to the NDH-State, which collaborated with Nazi Germany, are still not really being seen as a problem. On the contrary, the Carinthian authorities claim that the real problem is the press, who report critically about the meeting.

With extensive analyses the AK Bleiburg/Pliberk wants to counter not only the systematic spread of misinformation but also the absurd game the authorities and the church are playing of passing on responsibility. Numerous articles with various topics concerning the Ustaša-meeting on the Loibach-Field/ Libuško polje were published during the course of the past few weeks on the website no-ustasa.at. These articles shed light on historical aspects, the greater political context as well as current developments and make pictures of the meeting from the last few years available.

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